About Ananda Jenny

What joy is bigger than turning your passion into your work? Having played many sports as a child, I became a boxing fanatic at 18. Over time my training interest shifted from the boxing ring into the gym arena. And simultaneously, my previous career at a communications agency triggered my own entrepreneurial skills. In 2016 I started my own company: The Feel Good Trainer.

20 Years of Training Experience
With over 20 years of training experience now, I’m a passionate Personal Trainer who not only focuses on your hardware [your body], but also incorporates your software [your mind and soul] in order to achieve results that last.

“If my mind can conceive it, and my heart can believe it, then I can achieve it”

These words of boxing legend Muhammad Ali resonate strongly with me and as such reflect in my Personal Training and Coaching to a diverse range of clients: male and female, young and older and in all shapes and sizes!

A Certified Personal Trainer
As a Certified Trainer in a.o. The Overload Principle, Personal Hormonal Profiling, Mylogenics and Practical Nutrition, I combine lots of experience with in-depth knowledge. I encourage myself and others to care for both the inside and the outside: next to my work as a Personal Trainer and Coach, I enjoy my fitness modeling work just as much as my continuous education in the field of [mental] health, exercising and nutrition. Currently I am enjoying learning from the MuscleNerds Health team in Australia. My inspiration and knowledge I share not only in the private gym studio, but also through my socials [Facebook|Instagram|LinkedIn] with followers from around the globe. Pictures perfect? Of course! But, also these challenging moments that often teach us the most…

Step by Step!
With exercising alone you can achieve a lot, but with a calm mind and the ability to reflect on your mental well-being and eating habits, you can launch a complete new lifestyle: I’m here to help you steer that ship and to help you become your own proud captain again. Not immediately, but step by step and with my sincere and enthusiastic support!

Now, are you ready?